Online Business

Online business is one of the most important online business in internet. Nowadays many people use internet and make their business and earn alot of money in their life. people earning many money by doing business online. online business is process to buy and sale or do some other task to earn money through internet.
many internet user can buy and sale their product online sitting at home and can earn good profit. There is many very good website like amazon, daraz, teraibazar, alibaba which is providing online sale of products. they are very good marketplace of providing products online.
With the help of internet people also do online job business like freelancer, upwork, microjobs and so on. with the help of online job site they can earn very good money online according to their talent.
Many user of internet earning very hansome money by doing online jobs and business.
people are earning 100000 of dollar daily sitting at home. Online business is very important business of every person in this world. It becomes professional in this generation. Every one can do and earn money just having one laptop or computer or mobiles. we can buy and sale product just spending time on internet. many company provide online services and give services to customers. everybody in this world is doing online business.
Services of Online Business
1. Easy to order
2.Fast Home Delivery of product
3. Every product at one place
4. Earn Money
5.Cheap than Market price

With the help of This we can get easy product in our doors. So if you want to do online business at any time at any where. there is also online jobs sites like,,, people per hour, and so on. you can also earn money by affiliates in amazon and other programs.many company offers online affliates market so you can sale their product and can earn huge commission.

SNOWFLAKE Big Drone 2.4G 6 Axis Big Size RC UFO Quadcopter with WIFI and excluding HD Camera-DH-600

this is very amazing drone arrive here in this market. with the help of this drone we can do many things like camera capturing, play. this is very amazing drone costing 7000 npr. we can charge 1 hour and can ride half hour easily. you can get this drone by online order here .

Its features

1. Headless mode, A key return.
2. 3 different speeds to control.
3. 360 degree roll.
4. Function: Up and down, turn left and right, forward and backward, fly

Color: Grey
Flying time: about 8-9 mins
Charge time: about 120 mins
Control distance: about 80-100 M
Drone battery: 7.4V/600 MAH battery
Controller battery: 1.5VAA*4PCS (not include)

transportation facilities

in our market there is very big problem of transportation. people have to wait 4 to 5 hour for bus or other transport to go from one place to another. many people face this problem specially in village area of terai. our new service is to provide trasnportation facility to all area village as well as urban area. we will delever people from one place to other place. all ther person can contact here if any problem regarding trasnportation.we will provide all the service regarding transportation like bus, mini truck, bikes and other. our main service to make customer happy as well as providing customer satisfaction.

transportation play very important role in this terai area. all types of trasport we privide user so they can solve their problem easily. many people have wishing that if they get this facility to their home now their problem will be solve by the help of teraibazar. they will directly contact here if they need any transportation help we will here to provide service of transportation.

Terai Bazar

The terai is lower region in southern Nepal and Northern india that lies in south of the outer foothill. The people of this region is mainly engaged in agriculture. people of this region produce many things like rice, maize, wheat, vegetables and so one for their business . Teraibazar is one of the biggest online market as well as online shopping site from terai Nepal. It is established on nov 6. it main office is in ramgopalpur janakpur nepal. teraibazar is very famous nowadays to shop online at wholesale rate. All products available at cheap price or wholesale price. its main function is to provide customer needs to their home at reasonable cost. here all products will be delivered to their home within 1 to 5 days according to their choice. Services of terai bazar
1. whole sale rate of every product.
2. all product at one place.
3. home delevery .
4. customer satisfaction.
5. warranty of every product.
6. online jobs facility.
7. buy and sells first and second hands goods. the main function of it is to provide customer satisfaction.we will delever all the needs of customere to their home. Now a days online shopping is increasing day by day in market. we think teraibazar will playing very important role in this sector. online purchased of goods is cheap than market rate so trailbaza is very best online market place in this area.

Real Estate

Real estate is the property, land, buildings, air rights above the land and underground rights below the land. The term real estate means real, or physical, property. “Real” comes from the Latin root res, or things. Others say it’s from the Latin word rex, meaning “royal,” since kings used to own all land in their kingdoms. The U.S. Constitution initially restricted voting rights to only owners of real estate Real estate is one of the best business of buying and sell property. this business is done everywhere in the world. it is most profitable business. real estate is a kind of risk game played in real property. in this business most people invest money and earn huge amount of profit. we can earn million dollar in this business.people now a days invest more money in this business. many people buy and sell property and earn money. population is increasing day by day and people need land for live. so this business is very famous and huge profitable business.


we have registered company of real state i.e sonamai real estate in terai region. we sell and buy land and other property in terai region like ramgopalpur, janakpur, bardibas , lalbandi, harion, birgunj and other place of terai region. we invest money on property.many people of terai people doing this business and earn money by this business. it is very profitable business in this field many people invest alot of money. people buy and sell property.real state is done in many country. many people buy and sales property and invest on this business to make money.real state is the property business done by people having alot of money.


clothing is very important part that we need in our life. cloths is needed to every people in this world. there are many types of clothes made of many raw materials. clothes are made in different country with their own raw materials. sari, paint, suruwal kurti, shirt, nightdress and so on. we will provide all type of clothes that is needed to customers.we will import and export of clothing items to fulfill the customers demand.
all types of clothes are available here. for child we provide suit suruwal, jackets, vest, paint, school dress, and so on. there is for everyone from child to elder we provide the clothing items. in terai religion clothes is needed to everyone because it became very popular in fashion.
in terai region people do many types of fashion according to their culture and festivals. they uses all traditional dress.
people need dress according to their session. The people of terai region were clothes in diff tent season different dress.people of tereai specially use dhoti and kurta. ladies were kurti and suruwal and saries of terai region.

clothes is very important to every one in this world.All must need very attractive dress. we import and export veriety of dress like party dress, long dress, kurta suruwal, paints, jeans, bandi, saries and so on and sale in the market. with the help of online we order diffrent clothes and get with a little amount of sheeping here. we order indian and chinease dress and bring in this market so every one can get their choice of dress.

Online market

we believe that internet is one of the most important market place so teraibazer is playing very important role in online market that providing online services of buying and selling of goods in terai market. its main focus is providing all kinds of product at one place so people can easily find here and can get product at home. here all the products like memory card, speakers, electronics items, clothing items, lands and building, furniture items and so on can get easily. with the help of this site people can get many advantage of it. it can also save time of customers. we believe it play very important role in providing services to customers.

sevices are
home delivery of products
all product at one place
can easily order
customer satisfaction
warranty and guaranty of products
cheap rates
buy and sale of products
online jobs
advertisement of company
new news and information
new ideas and events
games and fun

hoping that teraibazar is very helpful to you in providing online services. its market is increasing day by day in today. online market is needed to everyone.

Earning From Instant article facebook

In this section you will get ideas how you can earn from Facebook inastant article. What are things you need before working in this section. First you must have Facebook fan page having some people liked. After that you must have one clean blog or WordPress wesite or other sites you owned. If you have these things then go to there you have to sign up with your fan page you owned in Facebook. After signing up follow the some steps there. you must have website with at least 10 articles.
if you have then you have to go to next step. the next step is that copy the meta tag and go to your website and edit it. go to header part and paste it in header.
If you don’t understand you can. Email at for more information thank you.

Facebook earning

Facebook is one of the most famous social media site in the world. Do you know you can earn money from facebook. But how? There is many ideas of earning through page groups like and comments. Let’s discuss how can you earn from Facebook pages. Firstly go to there you have to sign up with your Facebook page. After that follow some steps there. You have your own owened website or blog. Copy code and paste into your website.

you can earn unlimited money from facebook fan page after linking your instant articles with facebook page. many people earning day by day unlimited money from it. it is very biggest plat form to earn money from facebook fan page. the more people like your page the more you earn money from it.

promote your fan page by sharing your page to your friends so your page will get more user.


adsense is very important platform to earn money from blog. we can earn from our website blogs just signing up from adsense account and more we promote our blog more we earn. adsense is platform to give money according to our website visitor. many people earning million dollor working in website.

we have to sign up in adsense account with our gmail id. after signing up in adsense account we have make our blog or website with minimum 10 posts. after that we have to join our website in adsense. we have to go ad part and we have to copy ad links and paste in head tag in our website or blog.

after some days it will automatically help you to earn money. it is very fast track to earn money online sitting at home.

adsense is very very good platform to earn money online. many user earning money through adsense.

here we can earn alot of money in diffrent ways like admom, adsense, ads, website traffics, applications and so on. we will show you the process in my website teraibazar . many people makes google adsense as business because of earning money online with websites and blogs.